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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2020

Laureates of the XVII International Film Festival “The Sea Calls!" - 2020!

1st Place - "Feast of Killer Whales" (2020) Norvège, le Festin des Orques
ARTE-France & Le 5-eme Reve (France). Directed by Alexis Barbier-Bouvet and Didier Noirot.


2nd Place - "Man - Ocean" (2019) 
"TV studio №1" (Moscow) with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Director and author - Natalia Zimina, producer - Marina Sushkova, Operator - Sergei Chernobaev, editing by Alexey Zolotov.


3rd place - "Save Svalbard from plastic" (2020) Svalbard
Ivonne Salo TV & Media Productions (Norway). Director - Yvonne Salo, script - Kurt Salo.




  Winner in the "Greatness of the Spirit" nomination - "The Stalingrad Gospel of Ivan Pavlov" (2018) 
TRK RF AF "ZVEZDA" (Moscow). Author and director - Vladimir Shuvannikov, cameramen - V. Shuvannikov, Alexander Surkov, Mikhail Litvinchev, editing director - Sergei Neilau.


  Winner in the category "Lessons of History" - "Help" (2020)
Studio "Range" (St. Petersburg). Scriptwriter, director and producer - Gennady Novikov, cameramen - M. Konovalchuk, I. Volkov, M. Lebedev, producers - Vladimir Uzhitsky, Roman Nagulin


  Best Polar Exploration Film - Arctic Explorers Film Cycle (2018)
The Best of the Worlds studio (OGTRK Yamal-Region, Salekhard). Author, producer and screenwriter - Vasily Zhuravlev, director - Yulia Belchenko, cameraman - Alexey Sharshakov.


Best Diving and Diver Film - Immersion in History (2019)
Dmitry Rudas' studio (Vladivostok). Author, producer, director, operator of underwater and aerial filming - Dmitry Rudas, cameraman and editor -  Igor Egorov, scriptwriter - Yuri Mironov.


The best film about the domestic Sub-Float - Series "The Submarine Fleet of the Great Patriotic War": 

1. “Northern Fleet; 2. and 3. Baltika; 4. "Black Sea Fleet"

Studio "Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky) and TRK "Zvezda". Producer - Sergey Vikulin, scriptwriter - Miroslav Morozov, director, editing and sound - Alexey Polyakov, cameramen - S. Vikulin, A. Lebedev.


For a systematic approach to covering the problems of the Ocean - "Public Television of Primorye" (Vladivostok)
Author and presenter - Vladimir Oshchenko, director - Victoria Makarova, operator of underwater filming -  Alexey Kondratyuk.


Winner in the nomination "Native Shores" - "Crimea: Chronicle of the Russian Spring" (2019)
Studio "Center" (Moscow). Director and scriptwriter - Elena Ivanichenko, producer - Alexander Gundorov, cameramen - Vadim Telichev, Denis Pogorely.


Winner in the category "Memory of the Heart" - "Admiral" - Special Purpose Steamer "(2020)
Studio "Alexander Arkhangelsky" (Tallinn, Estonia). Director and editing - Alexander Arkhangelsky, script and producer - Igor Groyich, composer - Valentin Zhuk.


Best Nature Film - The Last Giants of Sumatra (2019) 

Les derniers géants de Sumatra 
Jean-François Barthod Studio (France - Mexico). Film by Jean-François Barteau, based on an original idea by Yves Lefebvre and Lionel Vire.


For the courage shown during the filming - the heroic series “I WANT HOME FROM ...! - Travels that you will not go on "
Author - Leonid Pashkovsky (Minsk, Belarus).


  The winner in the nomination "Iron Nerves" - Captain Afonin Sergei Ivanovich 

For the courage shown in the course of attempts to carry out single round-the-world voyages on small sailing yachts, some of which did not withstand the tests of the sea ...


Organizing Committee Prize -  Video report "The fate of two captains" (2020)
Memorial project of the studio - "Council of nuclear submarine" K-8 "(GUMRF named after Admiral S.O. Makarov, St. Petersburg). Producer, director and scriptwriter - Marina Rusina.


Winner in the category "Historical heritage" - "New whistlers from Aas" (2019)

  Les Nouveaux Siffleurs d'Aas
MARA FILMS (France). Written and directed by Richard Martin-Jordan


  Best Animation Project -  "Ships go to sea" (2020) 
Regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity (Kharkov) - Club of underwater photography "Delta". Project manager - Nadezhda Sdobnova, animators (7-10 years old): 
Maxim Timchenko, Sofia Luchko, Danya Kireev, Sofia Shevel, Yaroslav Kirsanov, Dima Tun, Maria Nozdracheva, Nikita Kovalev, Maria Shopina, Yura Parashchuk, Alina Kovaleva, Gleb Velichko


Best Director - Crab Season (2020) La Saison des Torteaux
Tell Me Films, Pays des Miroirs avec France Télévisions. Written and directed by Martin Benois, edited by Arian Double


Best Shipbuilder Film - Northern Story (2015)
Studio "Kinocontes" and the Northern Sea Navigation Association (Solovetsky settlement, Arkhangelsk region). Director - Alexander Trofimov, script - Vasily Zhuravlev, cameramen - Olga Sviridova, Svetlana Makarova, Anton Trofimov, Daniil Nuzhdin, producer - Vilena Artsruni.


Best Debut Work - Heroes Take Names (2020).
A film by Daria Frolova - a graduate of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television.


Jury Prize - "Namoroka, Secret Labyrinth" (2018)

Le Labyrinthe Secret de Namoroka 
KWANZA - SWR / ARTE with Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris (France). Written, directed and cinematographer - Jean-Michel Corillion. script - Isabelle Coulomb, cinematographer - Philippe Bigot, editing - Benoit Alavuan.


  Special Jury Prize - to Vladimir Belkov - the hero of the film "Palace Bridge" , the best jury member of the 17th International Film Festival "The Sea is Calling".

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