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Trailers of films of the competition program- 2024

"Seal Island. Caught in a Loop"

"Lost Fleet"

"Islands in The Ocean. Sakhalin. Iturup."

"Just Below the Surface"

"The Hydrograph Gives the "Go-ahead"

"Naval Cadet Corps in Sevastopol. Past and Present"

"Not there but back"

"Titanic. My Love..."

"Cormorant King"

"Kronstadt. Blockade. Children"

"Russian Island. Marina of Salvation"

"Ilya Repin in Samara Luka"

"Outrunning the wind"


"Time Steamer. "Valaam Monastery"

"Underwater Novel"

"Great Ocean Love"



"Ледовый караван идёт"

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