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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2008

The presentation of the prizes took place in the cinema complex "Bastion" (Kronstadt) on April 30, 2008 in the presence of the head of the Kronstadt administration - AM Goroshko. and Vice-President of the International Association of Public Organizations of Veterans of the Navy and Submariners, Vice-Admiral V.A.

Festival winners 2008

Grand Prix "Giant squid - ghost from the abyss" (Calamar geant, la fantome des abysses) - (2006) - 26 min (Japan)


1st place "A Feast for the Whole World" (FEAST) - (2007) - 52 min.

Ocean-Pix studio. Director - Ralph Kifner (Germany), cameraman - Andrea Ramalho (Brazil) (Germany-Brazil)


2nd place "On Thin Ice" (PЕ TYNN IS) (2007) -26 min.

Norwegian Film Institute, producer - Unni Ødegård


3rd place Sharks: Stewards of the Reef (2007) - 30 min.

Trillium Film productions (USA), written and directed by David McGuire




Best film on a marine theme - “Breaking the Ice. Arctic style ” (Polhavets Pionerer - Arctic pioneers) (2007) - 53 min.

Video Respecto Studio (Norway), director and producer - Kurt Salo, composer - Nils P. Johansen. - (from CDB MT "Rubin") - model pr. 941)


Best Director's Work - "Night Witches" (2007) - 52 min.

Luleå Television. Written and directed by Gunilla Breski (Sweden)


Best Literary Screenplay (Captain Club Prize) - In the Footsteps of Zaitsev (Z FOR ZAITSOW) (2007) - 44 min.

Producer - Kare Stang (Norway)


Best Cinematography - Showdown At the Top of the World - (2007) - 44 min.

Small Planet Studio (Greece). Written and directed by Yorgos Angeropoulos. - (model pr. 667 BDRM from FSUE "Zvezdochka") - "Polar bear"


Best Environmental Protection Film Catch & Denial - Fangst og fortielse - (2005) - 35 min.

Production - VideoRespecto AS, produced by Kurt Salo.


Nerves of Steel Prize - For the courage shown during filming (from the N-trans group of companies) - Catch & Denial - Fangst og fortielse - (2005) - 35 min.

Production - Video Respecto AS - Produced by Kurt Salo.


The best film about submariners - "The Legend of the Submarine Fleet" (2007) - 18 min.

Sevmash Studio ”(Severodvinsk), director - A. Kholodov, cameraman - E. Baranov.


The best film about the submarine fleet - "Submarine" K-141 "

Luleå Television (Sweden), written and directed by Gunilla Breski. - (2007) - 14 minutes - a prize from FSUE NPO Aurora.


"Right Course" - For selfless devotion in popularizing military history and military-patriotic education of young people - "Russian Grandmother from Bizerte" (2007) - 44 min.

Fund for assistance to the fleet "Fatherland", St. Petersburg. Director - Alexander. Nicolas


Best film of the sails - "Islanders» (Islandman) - (2003) - 44 min.

Emon & Kyan de Buitler Studios (Ireland)


Best foreign film "49 words for snow" (2008) - 64 min.

Small Planet Studio (Greece), written and directed by Yorgos Angeropoulos.


“For loyalty to the fleet” (a systematic approach to covering naval topics) - “The history of the creation of the Russian aircraft carrier fleet or We will be back” (2007) - 68 min.

Marine documentary video studio (producer - Valentina Rassokho-Anokhina) - oil painting "Race of tea clippers". Hood. Sergey Shestakov.


"Marine Heritage" - "The Incredible Adventures of Russian Guns" (2006) - 27 min.

Studio Lotos-Vision (St. Petersburg), director - I. Trakhtengerts, script - Alexander Kulidzhanov.


"Sea Capital" (Prize of the Maritime Council of St. Petersburg) - "The Tall Ships' Races Baltic" (2008) - 15 min.

Author's Studio Olga Razina commissioned by the Committee on Transport Policy of the Government of St. Petersburg 2009 "


The best films about divers and divers - "Underwater Ninja" (2007) -44 min.

Author - Valery Skvortsov, director - Sergei Kozhevnikov and Dark Eyes of the Abyss (2007) - 44 min. TV company Ren TV - (producer - Igor Prokopenko)


The best film about shipbuilders - "No room for error" (2008) - 20 min.

LLC "Lens Media" commissioned by FSUE "SPMBM" Malakhit ", director - Marina Lenskaya


Best TV report (prize of the Severnaya Nedelya Publishing House, Severodvinsk) - “Foreign submarines in Swedish waters” (2007) - 52 min.

Swedish National Television. Producer - Lars Borgnes.


"Fleet and Personality" - "Peacemaker" (2008) - 39 min. (About S.N.Kovalev)

CJSC Telemedia, general producer - Valery Uchitel, director - Dmitry Titov.


Audience Award - Siberia (2006) - 39 min.

Author and protagonist - Philippe Sauvet (France)


Special Jury Prize - “The Third Reich. Operation UFO " (2006) - 44 min.

TV company "GoldMedium" (Moscow), author and director Vitaly Pravdivtsev


Jury Prize - "The Last Naval Minister of the Empire" (2007)

Center-studio of the national film "XXI century". Head - Sergey Linnikov (Moscow)


Special jury prize - "Topical TV report" - "22nd shop"

Ionit-telecom studio (Severodvinsk).


Jury Prize - Series "Quiet Submarine Wars" - 4 films.

CJSC Film Studio "Baltic Video" (2008) - 39 min. By order of NPO MT "Rubin"

"America under threat of blow" - 39 min.

"Confrontation" - 39 min.

Survival - 39 min.

"General Designer" - 39 min.

Films about submarines that bore the brunt of the Cold War confrontation at sea and the people who created them.

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