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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2015

Laureates of the XII International Film Festival “The Sea Calls!" - 2015


1st place - "Gone by the Sea" (2013).

Channel One (Moscow). Author - Svetlana Rodina, director - Anastasia Popova.


2nd place - “Sevastopol. Russian Troy " (2015)

GTK TV Channel Russia. Written and directed by Alexey Denisov.


3rd place - "Crimean Legend" (2014)

Film company "Rodina" (Moscow). Director - Alexander Ladnov, screenwriters: Nikita Vasiliev and Andrey Shipilov, producer - Irina Misanova.




4. Best film about the underwater world - "In the depths of the Mediterranean" (2014) (DANS LE BLEU DE LA MEDITERRANEE).

Cosmopolitis Productions (France). Director and cameraman - Jerome Esplat, producer - Jean-Philippe Serrano


5. The best film about submariners - Life-Long Attack. Vasily Andrianovich Turaev " (2013)

Studio "FIN-ART GROUP" (Moscow). Director - Daniil Bondar, script - Miroslav Morozov


6. Best film about the submarine fleet - TV series "Submarine War" (2015)

TV channel "Zvezda" with the support of "RGO"


7. For loyalty to maritime traditions - Series - "Weapons of the First World War" - "Sea battle, the rules of the game", (2014)

Studio "Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky). Producer - Sergey Vikulin


8. Prize "Memory of the Heart" - "Russian Division" (Red Division) (2015).

TG-FILM is initiated and supported by Diamond Symbol Limited (Great Britain). General producer - Natalia Zubareva, producers: Gennady Merkulov, Sergey Kulidzhanov, director and scriptwriter - Dmitry Loktionov. operator - Dmitry Rudakov.


9. “Nerves of Steel” prize (for the courage shown during the shooting) - “Rhenium Effect” (2014) (JSC “Center for National Film”).

Scriptwriter - Marina Sobe-Panek, production director - Dmitry Semibratov, cameramen - Dmitry Minenkov, Vladimir Usoltsev, general producer - Vladimir Bazhin.


10. Best Wildlife Film - "Lake in the Sea" (2014)

(JSC "Center for National Film"). Scriptwriter - Nadezhda Dorofeeva, director - Sergei Tsikhanovich, composer - Lyudmila Volkova, music arrangement - Mukush Sudzhyan, cameramen: Sergei Tsikhanovich, Nadezhda Dorofeeva, Vasily Vishnevsky, producer - Anton Smirnov.


11. The best film about divers and divers - "Aquanauts of the Russian depths" (2015).

Studio "OK & NO Film". (2015). Director - Evgeny Zakharov, cameraman - Sergey Bogatyrev


12. "Native Shores" - "Russian Archipelago" (trilogy).

Nord Media Consulting Group (Arkhangelsk). General producer - Alexey Mednikov, director - Alexander Sukhanov, cameraman and editing director - Grigory Chukhin.


13. Best Foreign Film - "Cheating - The Reagan Methods" (2014)

(Täuschung - die Methode Reagan). ARTE channel. Author - Dirk Polman (Germany)


14. Best film on a polar theme - “Fridtjof Nansen. There is no life without struggle. "

Film company "ATK-Studio". (St. Petersburg). Script - Valentina Orlova, director - Daria Novoselova, cameraman - Mikhail Smirnov, producer - Alexander Tyutryumov.


15. Best Director and Cinematography - Quand les babouins adoptent des chiens (2014).

ARTE France - Les FILMS EN VRAC. Director - Jean-Francois Barteau


16. "Scientific Research" - "Ghosts of the English Channel" (Les Fantômes de la Manche) (2015)

Convergences images studio (France). Written and directed by Alban Vian.


17. "The Sea is Our Home" - "Cult of the Whale" (Сulte de la baleine) (2013)

Written and directed by NGUYEN Q. Thanh (Vietnam)


18. Jury Prize - "Drug".

Belarus film. Written and directed by Vladimir Dashuk.


19. Prize of the Organizing Committee - "Kamchatka - a cure for hatred" (2014).

St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Scriptwriter and director - Yulia Mironova, cameramen: Vyacheslav Nemyshev and Algis Mikulskis, producer - Alexey Telnov


20. Best Sailing Report - "18 Men for a Dead Man's Chest" (2015)

TV channel "Russia Today". Author - Maxim Pastukhov, director - Alexander Panov, cameraman - Evgeny Plashkevich, producer - Eldar Kazakov, editing - Dmitry Borzenko.




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