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Regulations of the International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!"

1. General Provisions

The main goal of the International Film Festival of Marine and Adventure Films "The Sea Calls!" is the awakening of the sea consciousness of the nation and the positioning of St. Petersburg as the Sea Capital of Russia. In addition, it is helping to increase public attention to maritime issues, military history, ecology and environmental protection, as well as the implementation of the federal program of military-patriotic education of young people. Professional filmmakers, students of specialized universities, as well as independent authors are attracted to participate in the international competition. In addition to competitive film screenings, educational programs, scientific conferences and creative meetings with master classes by leading filmmakers and artists are a mandatory part of the festival.


2. Organization of the festival

Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" ANO "International Film Festival of Marine and Adventure Films" The Sea is Calling! " with the support of the Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg, as well as specialized committees of the Government of St. Petersburg: for culture, external relations of St. Petersburg, for work with public organizations and youth.


3. Festival program

- Competition program of documentaries;

- an educational program consisting of a thematic screening of films from the archive of the festival in the interests of St. Petersburg universities and open lectures by leading historians and documentary filmmakers;

- master classes, creative meetings with filmmakers and art workers;

- conferences and round tables dedicated to topical issues of the current festival;

- technical presentations;

- open exhibitions of fine, graphic and photographic works;

- premieres or special screenings of works by famous filmmakers.


4. Conditions for participation in the competition program

Organizing Committee of the International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" accepts films of production no older than five years old by the time of application to participate in the competition.

  The duration of the competition work should not exceed 60 minutes. Films for selection by the viewing committee should be posted on the network in mp4 format.

The duration of the competition work should not exceed 60 minutes. Films for selection by the viewing commission should be posted online in mp4 format.


Technical requirements for the screen copy in case of selection for the festival program:
- Format: mp4, Full HD quality , PAL , HD 1920x1080 ;
- mp4 containers, H264 codec; stereo;
- Bitrate constant from 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps
Allowed format: SD PAL 720x576, provided that the shooting was carried out in this format.

Copies of works submitted for the competition will not be returned. Non-distribution and copyright guaranteed.

  Submitted films in foreign languages (English, German or French) must be accompanied by a movie script with timecode.

Films are registered by the Festival Directorate before March 1 of the current year, according to the application completed by the author and the copies of the film provided. One author can submit for consideration several of his films, but the decision to accept them into the competition program is reserved by the festival's management.

  In the application for participation in the festival, the author must fill in all the required forms, leave his contacts and indicate the copyright holder of the film. Also, the author must, within the time frame established by the festival management, provide materials for the catalog: information about the filmmakers, synopsis, biography and filmography of the director.

  Competitive films are shown on time at the main festival site, partner sites, as well as on the festival website in the electronic catalog section. The venue and time of the screening are determined by the directorate of the film festival.

  Selected films can be shown again on another site according to the recommendations of the jury members or the festival directorate.


5. Jury

To determine the winners in accordance with the rules of the competition program, a jury is formed from well-known figures of culture and art. The number of jury members does not exceed 7 people. The composition of the jury is announced in the press release of the festival and on the official website.


6. Prizes and diplomas of the festival

Based on the results of the jury meeting, the winners are determined in the following nominations:

 - 1st place;  

 - 2nd place;

 - 3rd place;

Special nominations:  

 - Jury Prize;

 - Organizing Committee Prize;

 - "Marine Heritage" - Prize of the Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg;

 - “For loyalty to maritime traditions”;

 - Memory of the Heart - Best Historical Film;

 - “For Loyalty to the Polar Star” - the best film on a polar theme;

 - Best film about shipbuilders;

 - Best Adventure Film;

 - Best Environmental Film;

 - Nerves of Steel - for the courage shown during the filming;

 - "Native Shores";

 - Sergey Aprelev Prize (since 2021).

Personal participation of the prize-winners in the awarding ceremonies is expected. In case of technical impossibility, the prize can be awarded to a representative of the creative team of the winner film. In any case, it must be sent to the author according to the indicated address no later than September 01 of the current year.


  7. Final provisions

The Festival Directorate reserves the right to use fragments of competitive films for publication in the media, as well as on the festival website. The provided films can be shown as part of other events of the "The Sea Calls!" after its completion ("Echo of the Festival").

  8. Contacts of the directorate of the festival "The Sea Calls!"

Festival Director - Pavel Sergeevich Aprelev, mob. +7 9819325550.

Chief Editor of the Festival Apreleva Anna Ivanovna, mob. +7 9119083412.


Postal address: St. Petersburg 196653, Kolpino, Proletarskaya st., 15, apt. 86. International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!"

Email address:

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