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IFF "The Sea Calls!" 2024

XXI International Film Festival "The SEA CALLS!" 2024

   From 19 to 23 April 2024, St. Petersburg will take place the XXI International Film Festival of Maritime and Adventure Films "The Sea Calls!


   The main goals of the film festival are: 

- awakening in society of maritime consciousness; 

- promoting the growth of public attention to maritime issues, issues of history, ecology and environmental protection, as well as the implementation of the Presidential program of patriotic education of youth,

- positioning of Russia as a great maritime power and St. Petersburg as its maritime capital.


   The high level of competition entries is ensured by the film forum’s well-established long-term partnership with the world’s oldest Toulon Film Festival, the European Underwater Image Festival (Strasbourg) and the Ocean International Film Festival, USA (San Francisco), since 2018 with the British Southend-on-S Film Festival, the Norwegian Film Festival in Hønefoss, as well as personal collaborations with prominent  documentary filmmakers from around the world.



   Held the ANO film forum “International Film Festival of Marine and Adventure Films “The Sea Calls!” in close partnership with the Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg, as well as with the support of the Committee for Youth Policy and Work with Public Organizations of the Government of St. Petersburg. 

   This year the opening ceremony will take place in the Youth House of St. Petersburg (48, Novoizmailovsky Prospekt). The closing ceremony of the festival, as well as the main screenings of the best films of the competition program, will be held at the Cinema House (12, Karavannaya St.).

 Venues for film screenings of the International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" - 2024:

  • Cinema House (12 Karavannaya St.),

  • Park "Patriot" (Kronstadt, Anchor Square 7a),

  • Branch of the TsVMM "Kronstadt Fortress" (Kronstadt, Makarovskaya st., 3, Italian Palace, branch of TsVMM "Kronstadtskaya krepeawn"), 

  • Cultural and leisure center "Feat" (St. Petersburg, Kolpino, Pavlovskaya st., 34), 

  • Center for Culture, Cinema and Leisure "Pavlovsk" (Saint Petersburg, city of Pavlovsk, Konyushennaya st., 7),

  • Icebreaker Museum  "Krasin" (St. Petersburg, Vasilyevsky Island, embankmentLieutenant's guard  Schmidt, 23rd line).

  There will also be closedscreenings in the universities of St. Petersburg.


     Accents XXI IFF “The Sea Calls!”:

  According to the UN decision 2021-2030, this is:  

    - Decade of Ecosystem Restoration;

    - Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development; 


2018–2028  - International Decade for Action "Water for Sustainable Development".

2022 - 2031 - Decade of science and technology in Russia.

  at 2024:

· 85 years since the beginning of the celebration of Navy Day.
· 150 years ago the Russian vest was born.
· 150 years since the birth of the outstanding admiral A.V. Kolchak.
· 310 years since the first naval victory of the Russian fleet in Russian history
   under the command of Peter the Great over the Swedes at Cape Gangut
· 120 years since the birth of the Soviet pilot V.P. Chkalova (1904-1938)
· 80 years since the establishment of the orders of Ushakov and Nakhimov (1944)
· 185 years since the birth of the Russian geographer N.M. Przhevalsky (1839-1888)
· 320 years since the founding of the Kronstadt fortress (1704)
· 95 years since the birth of the Russian writer V.V. Konetsky (1929-2002)
· 110 years since the birth of the Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdahl (1914-
· 130 years since the birth of polar explorer I.D. Papanina (1894-1986)
· 325 years since the establishment of the St. Andrew's flag (1699)
· 320 years ago the first shipyard was founded -


 The current schedule of events can be found on the websites of the festival and its venues.


  Welcome to the festival!


 Director of the festival "The Sea Calls!"  

 P.S. Aprelev    


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