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01 May 2023

I thank Sergei Aprelev, may his memory be blessed, a worthy son of the Fatherland, and everyone who honestly continues his great and important plan. It's not just an annual festival, not just a holiday. "The Sea Calls" is a unique patriotic and career guidance event that has been gathering for many years not only those who are faithful to the sea and their life's work with all their hearts, but also talented youth. Those who will continue the best maritime traditions of the Motherland, who will learn from the experience of the best professionals, who will carefully and thoughtfully preserve the history, culture and naval victories of the Fatherland, and who will pass it on to their descendants.

Victoria Pirogova

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April 30, 2023

Once again I enjoyed attending the festival events. I am glad that the festival continues, and every year it grows and expands! Special thanks to the jury members for selecting high-quality films!

Natalia Dobrovolskaya

21 апреля 2024

Я впервые была на показе фильмов в рамках фестиваля. Все началось с картины «Прямо под поверхностью», продолжилось погружением на глубину и закончилось ощущением забытой жажды по морю, которое зовет, и, кажется, мне важно его слышать. Спасибо всем увлеченным людям, кто помогает кинофестивалю быть и напоминает другим о настоящем!


April 30, 2023

Thanks for the festival! Delightful emotions, a high level of organization, a lot of the brightest and warmest impressions! Thank you!


April 30, 2023

International Film Festival of Marine and Adventure Films by Sergey Aprelev is a visiting card for St. Petersburg as the largest tourist center, as well as the sea capital of Russia. The festival enjoys great prestige. In our city. Films shot by Russian and foreign directors around the world are made at a very high level. Petersburg viewers attend film screenings with great pleasure. I would very much like the city and Russian authorities to support such a fertile topic for our city.

Viktor Raspopov

April 30, 2023

Great festival! It is especially joyful that it is held in our city, where there are so strong maritime traditions. Thanks to the participants and organizers for the opportunity to see these wonderful films.

Svetlana Tyurina

April 29, 2023

This is a very good and useful thing for our city, which, for a second, is a port city.

It's close to Petersburg!


April 29, 2023

We really need a film about the sea !!!!!

Irina Kiseleva

April 29, 2023

Super right thing

Leonid Kilin

April 29, 2023

Thanks to the respected organizers of the festival for the opportunity every year to communicate with very interesting and different authors, not only personally but also through their works. Now it is especially important to unite and unite people from different countries with common values)


April 29, 2023

The film festival is amazing! beautiful films and educational. The best film event of this spring. Thanks to the organizers.

Tatyana Rovbo

April 29, 2023

I want to thank the organizers and participants of the "Sea Calling" festival for the excellent opportunity to see and learn new names of documentary films. Let the history of the festival continue, and the list of tapes is replenished. After all, it is so important and necessary that such scientific and educational projects exist. New victories and prosperity to the festival in the future.

Ekaterina Samarina

April 29, 2023

The Sea Calls Festival is the event that my friends and I look forward to every year. For many years I have been fascinated by the films I have seen at this wonderful festival.

Many thanks to the organizers and participants of the festival "The Sea Calls" A good and much needed festival! Thank you very much!!!

Tatyanand Belinskaya

April 29, 2023

We were on April 22 in Kronstadt in the Italian Palace for the screening of the film "Jungs of Valaam Island" and a meeting with the director of the film. Wonderful film, pleasant meeting atmosphere, interesting conversation, excellent organization! Thank you! We will definitely come back next year.

Maria Guz

April 29, 2023

For many years, my wife and I have been active viewers of the "The Sea Calls" film festival. Being personally acquainted with the founder of this wonderful event, Sergey Aprelev, I have always admired his ability to rally different people around this idea. I will say more, one of my author's films was also shown in the festival program several years ago. Now, after the departure of Sergei Aprelev, his wife and son took up his business. I express my special sympathy to them for not letting a good cause go to waste. And the films, as in previous years, were on top. I would like to hope that young and talented people not only from Russia will be attracted to work in this direction. After all, the sea is large and common, and we must protect it together.

Pavel Borodulkin

April 26, 2022

Good afternoon, dear organizers of the festival "The Sea Calls!"

I just found out about the festival this year and I am very grateful to you for the opportunity to see all these wonderful films related to the sea! I learned a lot of new things for myself, inspired and thought about a lot! In my opinion, it is extremely important to make such shows public and open the sea from different sides for a person! I am sure that the audience and popularity of the festival will increase year by year. Unfortunately, not all the films could be seen, and in this regard, I want to ask if it is possible to see them anywhere outside the festival?

Thanks Oksana L.

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September 27, 2021


Good day! The whole family attended the festival. Everything was impressive and a little touching. We got a lot of positive emotions, delight, great mood! It's always interesting to see the work of talented people! Thank you very much to the organizers of the festival and its participants !!! Let's look forward to the next film festival!

Tatiana K.

September 25, 2021

Thank you for an interesting film festival!


Good day! I would like to express my deep gratitude to the people who came up with the idea to organize this festival. My son raves about the sea and tries not to miss the screenings of the films of your festival. And the fact that he also wants to associate his future profession with the sea is also your merit. While he is still a schoolboy, the sea romance completely captured him. And I don't mind seeing him as a real man! For the last few years we have been going to screenings with the whole family, because many films can be seen only within the framework of the film festival. We talked about your festival at school. I would like the visit to the festival to be included in the extracurricular activities of the schools.

Victoria Gorshenina

Благодарность от Ассоциации 2019.JPG
Благодарность от творческого союза 2019
Благодарность Митрополита 2019
Грамота Морской совет - Благодарность 2019
I wish you to develop and prosper!

26 april 2019


I liked the festival very much, I visit it every year. This is a chance to see a live movie created for the love of the sea and life. Despite the theme declared by the name, genres and themes are incredibly different and any viewer will definitely have something to their liking. Thanks to the organizers and contestants for the work done, I wish to develop and prosper from year to year.


Elizaveta Sedletskaya, Oranienbaum


26 april 2019


Cool! I have been coming with my parents for the second year, we like it. I’ll call my friends next year.



Elvira Mamedova

Thank you!

26 april 2019


I express my gratitude to the organizing committee of the festival for a clear, thoughtful organization of the event and cordial attention to the guests. I really liked the performances of the guests, you can hear a lot of really interesting things. Thank you!


Olga L.

Films for the work of the soul

27 april 2019


I love thoughtful, beautiful, not empty cinema, where there are many deep philosophy and existential questions of the director to the viewer. I believe with confidence that your festival can become one of the best in the "Cinema for the work of the soul" nomination. They gave a lot of impulses for working with books and professional literature. Thank you.


Yaroslav S.

An interesting festival with a solid organization

28 april 2019


Nice and interesting festival with good organization. The performances are very motivated professionals in their field, they directly "infect" with love for the maritime theme.


Konstantin Vazhnitsky

Here everyone will find something of their own

28 april 2019

I was fortunate enough to attend the festival by invitation. A beautiful and cozy holiday, spectators participate free of charge and according to a free schedule, which is very important. You show unique paintings and introduce the viewer to unique people. There should be as many such events as possible, here everyone will find something of their own.


Well done!

28 april 2019


Dear organizers of the "The SEA CALLS!"

We enjoyed watching the documentaries, which were first shown during the film festival in the Multimedia Park “Russia is my history”. Watching interesting films on the big screen with high-quality sound is a great pleasure. And if this is a premiere, and even the author himself flew from France to present his film! It is doubly pleasant and useful. We were with my grandson, and he watched what was happening on the screen, just without stopping. And when we came home, we once again discussed what we had seen and told our parents about the film trip. The next year we decided to definitely go with the whole family. Special thanks to the student volunteers who simultaneously dubbed foreign films. Well done !!


Blinova S.I.

Your festival is important and needed

28 april 2019


Thank you. We were for the first time and will definitely participate in the future. I think we need to advertise for schools and maritime colleges. Your festival is important and necessary for the career guidance of young people.


Ivanitsky family

Looking forward to new festival films in 2020

29 april 2019


Every year in April my daughter and I attend the "The Sea Calls" festival. And every year we are surprised at the variety of subjects of the films presented. Ecology is the most important topic for the inhabitants of the Earth. After watching these films, you understand the full scale of the problem. Travel films reveal to the audience the beauty of our nature. Fantastic footage of the deep sea and its inhabitants is mesmerizing.
I would like to say a special thank you to the organizers of this festival. Everything is very well thought out, well organized. Interesting and informative.
It is perplexing that the media do not pay due attention to the festival, television does not broadcast neither the opening nor the films. Many residents of the city do not know about the existence of the festival.
We look forward to new festival films in 2020!

Yours faithfully

Marina Georgievna

Благодарность Апрелевой Анне 2016
Благодарность от Ассоциации 2018
Грамота Морской совет - Благодарность 2018

August 7, 2018



Good day! Today I heard about the release of the eponymous film "The Sea Calls" and the Festival of Marine and Adventure Films appeared before my eyes. ) I was going to write for a long time, but here I decided. Every year we are a family attending your Festival with pleasure. And the sea is really calling us! Thank you so much for interesting and informative films! For showing the most beautiful places on our planet and drawing attention to the environment! For the festive atmosphere, which we feel every time, getting to the viewing and concert program. We were pleased to familiarize ourselves with the exposition of the Marinesco Museum of Submarine Forces, where part of the show took place, and before that we did not have a chance to visit. We very much hope that in the future we will open platforms for watching films. It is a pity that many do not know about this wonderful event in our city. It will be great if the announcement of the Festival becomes more active. We wish the Festival and its organizers many years and prosperity and even more fans! And we are looking forward to next spring and "The Sea Calls - 2019!" With great gratitude!"

    Evgeniya Polyanina

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