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Jury - 2024

Pechenkin Pavel - president of the jury
Russia, Perm

  Film director, producer, teacher. Laureate of many domestic and international film festivals, winner of the Golden Eagle award of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

  On his initiative and under his leadership, one of the first independent film studios in the USSR "New Course" (1987) was created in Perm, the International Festival of New Documentary Films "Flahertiana" (1995) , a project for the implementation of educational and educational programs in the field of media education "Perm Cinematheque" (2005).
  Currently he is the artistic director of the Perm Cinematheque KGBUK, the president of the Flahertiana IFF.

Scoobey Victor

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

   General Producer of MIRADOKS Studio,

  Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Member of the Board of the Non-Fiction Film and Television Guild, Associate Professor of the St. Petersburg Film and Television Institute.

  Producer of over 50 documentaries. Active popularizer of author's documentaries. Curator of the DOXPRO Program for the development and promotion of Russian documentary films.

  Started as a director of photography at the LOMO People's Film Studio in Leningrad. In 1995, he headed the Signs video studio. Later, he worked at the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio as a commercial director and producer on special projects. In 2002, he organized his own film studio. Now he is actively engaged in producing creative documentary and popular science films.

Драган Милинкович Фимон.jpeg

Dragan Milinkovic Fimon

Serbia , Belgrade

Producer, playwright and director with a rich career, an outstanding university teacher. He graduated from the Belgrade Drama School and received a master's degree from the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade, specializing in the sociology of literature.
Professor Fimon is known as a producer, director, author and director of various theatrical productions, the author of a number of books and essays (“History and Theory of Cinema”, “Sociology of Art”, etc.) and the author of many seminars (“A Look at Cinema”, “The Relationship of Cinema and literature”, “Deconstruction of Emir Kusturica”, etc.).
For many years, Professor Fimon has been an active member of FICC, CIFEJ, CILECT and a number of other international film associations and organizations. In addition, he was actively involved in international activities as executive director of the International Alternative Theater Festival, founder and director of the first Ethnic Theater in London and the Independent Children's Film School in Montenegro, and a jury member at many international film festivals.

Professor Dragan M. Fimon is also the co-founder and director of SEE A PARIS, an international film festival of South-East Europe, which takes place simultaneously in Paris, Berlin, Washington and Novi Sad.

Since 2017 he has been elected Vice President of the Cifej-International Film Center for Children and Youth

Belkov Vladimir

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

The public figure, the creator of the marine memorial complex "Spas-on-Waters" in St. Petersburg, is known for publications on historical topics.


Was born in 1964 in the Leningrad Region. By his own admission: "From childhood I was drawn to the seas." In 1987, after graduating from the famous "Korabelka" (Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute), he came to the Admiralty Shipyards.


The political storms of the early 90s brought Vladimir to the Russian parliament, where, at his suggestion, the Council of Cultural Workers of Russia was created, which united the country's legislative power with the leaders of the creative departments of the Fatherland.

In St. Petersburg he successfully cooperates with the Lennauchfilm film studio, the Conservatory, the Academic Capella. Takes part in the creation of documentaries for Russian TV channels. Author of popular studies on the Russian-Japanese war and the Tsushima battle.

Бельков Владимир

He founded the public committee for the construction of the complex (chapel and museum pavilion) "Spas-on-Waters" (76 Angliyskaya embankment), supervised all design and construction works that have been successfully completed to date.


Since 2011 - coordinator of the civil initiative group "Marine St. Petersburg", dealing with acute problems of the naval focus.

Гаврило Мария

Gavrilo Maria

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

 Hereditary polar explorer, field ornithologist and marine ecologist with more than 30 years of experience in expedition work in the Arctic and Antarctic, candidate of biological sciences. Participant, organizer and supervisor of more than 50 expeditions - ship, air and ground, incl. international.
  She graduated from the Leningrad State University. She began her career at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, where she currently works. She also worked at the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic, at the Krasin Icebreaker Museum, at the Russian Arctic National Park and at the Taimyr Reserves.

  In 2014, under the auspices of the Marine Heritage: Explore and Preserve Association, she organized the Open Ocean project, the purpose of which is to promote the formation of a marine ecological culture and maintain the maritime traditions of Russia through the knowledge and conservation of natural and historical values of the Ocean as the cradle of mankind and the main resource of its existence. The research expeditions of the project are carried out under the brand name "Open Ocean: Archipelagos of the Arctic", or O2A2.

  In 2017-2018 in the waters of Franz Josef Land, the remains of the steam yacht "Eira" of the British explorer B. Smith were discovered and examined.

  "Eira" became the first discovered object of underwater archeology in the Russian Arctic, and the underwater archaeological exploration carried out from the "Alter Ego" was the northernmost in the world.
  Full member of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Expert Council on Reserve Affairs at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, member of the Council on Marine Mammals, author of more than 300 scientific and popular science publications, incl. 15 monographs.
Guide-lecturer on polar cruises to Svalbard, Franz Josef Land and the North Pole, curator and author of 12 exhibitions on the polar theme in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Oslo, Vienna. Member of the team of authors of several short documentaries. Since 2009, she has repeatedly taken part in the work of the jury of the film festival "The Sea Calls!"

Kubaeva Tamara

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Documentary director.

In 2009, she completed her studies at the Academy of Classical Photography in Moscow, and since 2009 she began working as a photographer.

She has implemented several creative charitable projects. She organized exhibitions of her works in Bishkek in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

In 2020, she graduated from the documentary and feature film workshop N.V. Makarova. Higher School of Directors and Scriptwriters in St. Petersburg.

Member of the directors' club "Worlds of Screen" under the leadership of V.S. Kalinin.

Тамара Кубаева
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