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About the International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!"

The annual movie festival “The Sea Calls!” – non-commercial organization which uses movie and video materials to help the society recognize social and cultural significance of state active naval policy. The main objective of the movie festival – not so much to praise marine beauty and entertain spectators as to make them think to what extent human being depends on ocean resources and how much it is important to keep biological balance of the Ocean which occupies two thirds of the earth’s surface. Festival experience confirms strong public interest to maritime history and adventures as well as to everything in some or other way connected with sea: science, economy, culture, power economy, industry and water sports. Ecological aspect assumes ever greater importance. In recent years subjects range comprised by the festival extends, because the universal notion “adventure” allows to accept any work to the contest, as far as life itself is a spirit adventure…


Central objectives of the movie festival:


- awakening of maritime mind of the nation considering the indisputable fact - only a maritimestate can be great,

- positioning Russia as a Great maritime state and St. Petersburg as its Maritime capital;

- contribution to growth of public attention to maritime topics, military history, ecology and environmental protection issues;

- realization of military-patriotic education of young people national program.


Marine and adventure movie festival “The Sea Calls!” is held annually in St. Petersburg. It has become a landmark of Maritime capital of Russia. The festival period is the last third of April. The festival initiators are International Association of the Russian Navy veterans and Arctic Academy of Sciences under the sponsorship of St. Petersburg government Maritime Council. The members of the festival Organizing Committee are representatives of St. Petersburg government committees, their support made the festival carrying out possible.


The festival became international in 2006; from 2008 it is mentioned in the almanac of Russian moviemakers union among the most important movie events of our country.

Partners of the International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!":

- The Award for Kindness in Art "For the Goof of Peace";

- Toulon International Festival of Marine Films, Research and the Environment (Festival

  International du film maritime, d'exploration et d'environnement), the world's oldest maritime film forum,

- Strasbourg Mediterranean Festival (Festival Strasbourg-Méditerranée),

- San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival (USA),

- International Festival of Underwater Image and Adventure in Antibes (Mediterranea - Le Festival     International de l'image Sous-Marine et de L'aventure),

- as well as the international established in 2009 with our direct participation Film Festival "People and Ships"    (Kiev, Ukraine).

The festival focus is annually determined by Memorable dates calendar and international events fitting spirit and philosophy of the movie festival.


Special attention is traditionally given to youth outreach considering the fact that most of the festival works contain a powerful cultural and educational charge. The event availability comes from the aim to attract maximum number of spectators. Festival demonstration is performed in several movie halls of St. Petersburg .

Акценты фестиваля
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