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In memory of Sergei Aprelev

   2021 year was a turning point for the festival. Its creator and permanent presenter has left - Sergey Vyacheslavovich Aprelev, a naval officer, writer, historian, public figure, journalist and just a good person. The person, thanks to whose charisma, active creative and organizational activities, for seventeen years the festival "The Sea  Calls!" was a true holiday for lovers of documentary films and a bright event in the life of the Sea Capital of Russia.

   Every year the festival brought together directors and screenwriters from all over the world, and gave the audience the opportunity to get acquainted with unique films. The rich subject matter of the films provided a colossal educational charge. Military history and navigation, scientific research expeditions, sea adventures and acute problems of the World Ocean are just a few of the directions that the "The Sea Calls!" Festival was heading towards.

   Sergey Aprelev saw great potential in the festival as a successor of maritime and cultural traditions, the development of patriotism and spirituality among young people, the revival of maritime consciousness and the expansion of ties between countries. Every year, the festival allowed professionals to share their experience and extraordinary shooting, inspired directors and delighted the audience, raised current issues of our time and made them think about how beautiful our world is and how important it is to protect it! The greatness of the sea power, its cultural heritage entirely depends on the consciousness of its citizens, on the understanding of the exceptional importance of preserving culture and traditions and passing them on from generation to generation.

    Preparations for each new festival were carried out  for a whole year of hard work at the cost of sleepless nights, endless letters and negotiations, painstaking work on translations and film dubbing, solving numerous organizational issues.

    For Sergey, a real sailor and seafarer, the call of the sea was truly all-embracing. He spent over 30 years serving in the Navy. Upon graduation in 1973, VVMU them. M.V. Frunze  served in the Northern and Baltic fleets, participated in eleven autonomous campaigns, going from navigator to commander of a submarine. From 1981 to 1985 he performed the tasks of a special mission in the Algerian People's Democratic Republic, leading the instructor group of submariners, and since 1984 -  a group of Soviet military specialists in the west of the Democratic Republic of Korea.

    In 1988 he graduated with honors from the Naval Academy. Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union N.G. Kuznetsov and served in various academic positions until his transfer to the reserve in August 2004.

   He took part in the international sailing regatta "Cutty Sark" (1996, 1997 and 1998) and the round-the-world voyage of the barque "Sedov" in 2012. He took part in international conferences on international maritime law and military history (Arkhangelsk, Monte Carlo, Ajaccio, Cordova, Tunisia ...).

   Fluent in foreign languages and being a specialist in military history, Sergei wrote articles for the foreign press and was a consultant in Hollywood on the filming of the film about the sinking of the nuclear submarine K-19.

   Sergey Aprelev was a member of the International Maritime Law Association (Paris) and the Naval Press Association (St. Petersburg). He was active in the position of vice-president of the regional public organization "Polar Convoy".

   Romantic appeal "The Sea Calls!" responded to Sergei's activities as a filmmaker and writer. On account of his documentary films: "To the evergreen island" (1998), "Arctic allied convoys" (2000), "Hiroshima Hollywood" (2003), "Pauline, 20 years later" (2007), "Profession - gondolier" (2010 ),  and works: “Under the rustle of our diesel engines” (Publishing house “Nika”, 2005), “To Cape Horn on” Sedov ”. Around the World as the Purpose of Life ”(Publishing House“ Vetrov Rose ”, 2014), as well as numerous translations and articles. In addition to journalism and cinema, Sergei was very fond of photography and painting. I must say that he did it very well. A man of exceptional erudition, love of life, with a bright sense of humor and rich in word, with a unique charm and charisma, he made every event a holiday.

   Sergey Vyacheslavovich Aprelev has always been and will remain in our hearts an extraordinary person, a great romantic and a real naval officer.

   Sergey put his heart and soul into the festival and we sincerely believe that his brainchild will live and prosper for many, many years in the memory of its founder, for the good of the country and for the joy of Petersburgers and guests of the city!


Inga Apreleva

Открытие аудитории

On April 25, 2022, a significant event took place. Within the walls of the oldest naval educational institution in Russia, the Naval Corps of Peter the Great, the grand opening of the auditorium of Captain 1st Rank Sergei Vyacheslavovich Aprelev took place.

    Sergey Aprelev graduated from the Navigator Department of the Naval College. M.V. Frunze in 1973 and more than 30 years devoted to serving the Motherland on the seas, was an example of a true naval officer and patriot.

    S.V. Aprelev in the expansion of cultural ties, the preservation of maritime traditions and active social work to develop the connection between the fleet and culture.

    We believe that S. V. Aprelev’s auditorium will become a favorite place for cadets to study, a platform for getting acquainted with the films of the film festival “The Sea is Calling!”, A source of spiritual, patriotic and cultural development/education.


    The Aprelev family expresses its sincere gratitude to V.A. Belkov, T.I. Chekalova, Rear Admiral I.N. Kolesnikov, Vice Admiral V.N. Sokolov, Captain 1st Rank O.V. Ignasyuk and all those who helped perpetuate the name of S.V. Aprelev within the walls of his alma mater!

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