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19-23  APRIL  2024 SPb

The Sea Calls! -2024

Dear friends!

  Congratulations to the winners of the XXI International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" and we announce the acceptance of applications for the next, XXII Film Festival. 

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Winners XX IFF "The Sea Calls!"

Films XX IFF "The Sea Calls!"

"Russian Island - a haven of salvation"

  The film reveals an unusual story that happened to the children of Petrograd. It happened more than a hundred years ago, but it was not known about it for many decades. 800 children from 4 to 15 years old made a real trip around the world in 2.5 years. Russky Island is the central point of this whole story.

 Director - Sergey Polyakov, cameraman - Valery Ivanov, technical consultant - Valery Parkhomenko, editors: Olga Molkina, Galina Pogodina.

"Seal Island. Caught in a Loop"

   The nature of Sakhalin is unique and diverse. In the waters of the island you can meet northern fur seals, whose lives are now under threat. There are many reasons for this, but the main danger is people.

    The film tells the story of how a group of volunteers from the Boomerang Club embarks on a difficult journey to the habitat and breeding grounds of these amazing animals in order to help them get out of marine debris.

    You will see with your own eyes a sad picture of the suffering and death of animals, as well as the specifics of rescue operations and the work of veterinarians, thanks to which cats can continue to live and give birth.

    Not to remain indifferent is the small goal that every viewer of this film is capable of achieving. Only indifference gives rise to inaction, which leads to such sad consequences. Don't stand aside, join those who are fighting to save the animals of their planet.


Director: Maxim Lebedev. Screenwriter: Andrey Khodin. Cameraman: Roman Kravchenko

"Islands in the ocean. Sakhalin. Iturup."

    Educational activities are one of the priority areas of work of the Museum-Reserve "Museum of the World Ocean".

    To introduce viewers to some of the most mysterious places in our country, the film crew set off from the west of Russia to the very east - on an exciting journey to the islands of Sakhalin and Iturup.

    What connects these regions, and are they so far from each other?

  Television studio of the museum-reserve "Museum of the World Ocean".

  Director, editing by Dara Naydenova. Cinematographer, co-author Kirill Naydenov.

“Kronstadt. Blockade. Children. | 80 years since the complete lifting of the siege of Leningrad"

 The first film from the documentary series, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete lifting of the siege of Leningrad. The film tells about the role of the city of Kronstadt, and the people who went through the horrors of the blockade.

  Script author, director - Zakharov A. V. Director of photography - Belov E. O. Director of photography - Teselkin A. V. Editing director - Becker A. V. Sound engineer - Novikov N.V. Producer - Protasov S.Yu. Project manager - Balueva A.O.


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    The main prizes of the XX International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" sea waves. Their author Lada Tazetdinova is a marine glass blower, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Union of Designers of Russia.

   She makes a glass sea under the DriftLand brand, trying to convey the living movement of water, its smooth, changeable texture, the glare of the sun in the depths, the riot of foam on the crest.


    "I want my glass waves, when you take them in your hands, to give you the same feeling of magic that fills us at sea," says the author.

   The glassy sea DriftLand is about the song of waves and wind, the breath of rain and the dance of snow, the music of love and wanderings. And most importantly - about dreams, adventures and fairy tales that are woven into our lives. They reflect the happiness of freedom and impermanence: a fresh wind entangled in your hair, kisses of the sun flickering on your cheeks and salty songs of the sea that resonate in your heart with sparks of transparent happy thoughts.

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Poster XXI IFF "The Sea Calls!"

Афиша "Море зовёт!"-2024
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Announcement of the XXI IFF "The Sea Calls!"

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