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Question 1


- I’m planning to send my movies for participation in the festival. May I send you a link to my movie on YouTube, Vimeo or some such service, and later, if I make the cut, I will upload the work somewhere in better quality, DVD image or something?


- A link to video on YouTube, Vimeo or other services is not a work presentation. To participate in the festival you should from the very beginning present to us the work as is it will be demonstrated on a big screen at the festival in case of being selected. Sending copy addition and substitution is not allowed.


Question 2


- I want to send you a couple of my works. May I send you the accompanying materials to all of them in one e-mail?


- No, you may not. We ask to send materials to every movie in separate e-mails.


Question 3


My movie was selected for demonstration at your festival. But from the moment of submission I have re-edited it. May I bring you the new version before screening?

Question variant: May I deliver you HD-version before screening?


You may deliver it to keep the version you like better in the festival archive. Later it can be demonstrated within the framework of award winners’, retrospective, guests’, interseasonal or other programs of our festival. Nevertheless, at the main event we show the version you sent for selection. The reason is that only after the members of the screening committee have watched your file/ disc we can be sure that there's nothing wrong with it. About 10% of the works sent to us have some technical problems. Sometimes we don’t have an opportunity to watch a new version before the festival.


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