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Projects of the International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!"

Icebreakers Festival

IFF "The Sea Calls!" upon completion of the annual competition, will take part in the 3rd Icebreaker Festival, presenting a retrospective program of films on polar themes over the past 10 years. The spirit of the young festival is close and in tune with our aspirations, and the proclaimed goals and objectives painfully resemble our own:

- Promotion of the image of Russia as a great maritime power and St. Petersburg as a sea capital.

- Formation of a sense of pride in the Russian fleet and its victory in the development of the northern sea borders ...


The main event of the 2016 Icebreaker Festival will be a large-scale holiday that will take place in St. Petersburg on May 2 and 3. Four operating icebreakers will arrive in the water area of the Bolshaya Neva: St. Petersburg, Mudyug, Ivan Kruzenshtern and Captain Sorokin. All of them, as well as the icebreaker-museum "Krasin", will be open for free visits. For the guests of the holiday, river excursions will be organized to inspect the icebreakers from the water area of the Bolshaya Neva.


The festive program on the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment will combine a film screening with a concert venue. Expositions of regions, specialized museums, enterprises and educational institutions will be located next to the stage. On both banks of the Neva, a large-scale street exhibition dedicated to the Arctic Union convoys, the Kara expeditions and the history of the icebreaker fleet will unfold.


The 3rd Icebreaker Festival will become interregional; the following are invited to participate in the project: Arkhangelsk, Leningrad and Murmansk regions, Kamchatka and Krasnoyarsk Territories, the Komi Republic and the Sakha Republic, Nenets, Chukotka and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts. The events of the festival's business program will be held from March to September 2016 in various formats: round tables, conferences, thematic evenings, exhibitions, competitive events. The variety of forms is united by a common theme - the Arctic and the key to it - the Russian icebreaker fleet.

The best illustration of how important the icebreaker service is for Russia and how romantic and dangerous is the profession of an icebreaker sailor will be the film "Icebreaker", which will be released on domestic screens in the near future.


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