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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2009

The festival took place in St. Petersburg from April 27 to 30, 2009.


Prizes and laureates of the festival "The Sea is Calls!" - 2009:


Grand Prix - (Prize of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg) Buried at Sea - (2006)

Aquateam Productions Inc. in collaboration with Arcadia Entertainment Inc. (Halifax, Canada). Director and Producer - John Wesley Chisholm, Producer - Kent Martin, Cinematographer Matt Trecartin, Composer Robert Warren, Screenplay by Alain Abel (USA). Yorktown Film Festival Award - Best Environmental Film.


1st place - " The Blood of Kouan Kouan" (2008)

Exandas Studio (Athens, Greece) Director, screenwriter and producer Yorgos Avgeropoulos.

2nd place - "Diary of Admiral Golovko" (2008)

Studio "Farvater-Film" (Moscow) Producer - Andrey Morozov, author and director - Irina Morozova

3rd place "On the edge of life" (2007)

"Crown-Film" (St. Petersburg). General Producer - Vitaly Fedko


Prize of the Victor Konetsky Marine Literary and Art Foundation “For systematic work on the development and strengthening of naval traditions” was awarded to the Karelian Marine Historical and Cultural Center “Polar Odyssey” (Petrozavodsk) - President and Admiral of the Historical Fleet - Viktor Dmitriev.




Best Marine Film - Ocean - the Way of Life (2006)

Maritime Museum (Oslo, Norway) Written and directed by Ivo Caprino.


Best Director, A Gray Blanket with Embroydered Flowers - (2005)

Studio "Red Lips" (Luleå, Sweden). Written and directed by Gunilla Breschi, director of photography - Dan Yoma, editing - Fredrik Idhag.


Best Literary Screenplay (Captain Club Prize) Edinburgh Gold (2007)

CJSC Telekompaniya FORMAT TV for OJSC First Channel. Author - Valery Skvortsov, director - Vladimir Lutsky


Best Cinematography "Papuan Islands - Cartere" (Les iles Carterеt) (2008), France

Director - Annie Gouraud


The best film on the polar theme "For loyalty to the Polar Star" - "Polar Explorer" (2008)

Directed by Nikolai Volkov. St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio


The best film about submariners (Prize of OJSC SPB MT "Malakhit") "Commander of the BC-5" (2002).

MCKiTP "Centaur". Directed by Yuri Alexandrov.


The best film about the submarine fleet - (Prize of the FSUE NPO "Aurora"). "The birth of the order" (Pre-atomic era), (2008).

"Crown Film" (St. Petersburg), general producer - Vitaly Fedko

"Right Course" - For selfless devotion in popularizing history and military-patriotic education of youth "Russia raises sails" (2008).

State TV and Radio Company "St. Petersburg" by order of the Karelian Maritime Historical and Cultural Center "Polar Odyssey" (Petrozavodsk).


The best film about sails (Prize of the All-Russian Sailing Union) "The Last Gukor from Galloway", (2006).

Director and Producer - Kean de Buitler (Ireland)


Best foreign film (Prize of JSC "Marine Navigation Systems") " Power and Deep Pockets" (2009)

Studio NRK & Video Respecto (Tromsø, Norway). Written and directed by Kurt Salo

"Marine Heritage" (Prize of the Central Naval Museum) - "Sail of Hope", (2004) St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio Director - Yuri Alexandrov


"Sea Capital" (Prize of the Maritime Council of St. Petersburg) "The Island Kissed by God" (2008)

Telemedia company (St. Petersburg). Project manager and producer V. Teacher, director Dmitry Titov.


Nerves of Steel Prize - For Courage During Filming - Beyond the Fear (2006)

RTF Studio (Germany-Brazil) Directed by Ralph Kifner.


The best film about divers and divers "Team of divers - Sharks" (AQUATEAM: SHARKS) (2008)

Aquateam Productions Inc. In collaboration with Arcadia Entertainment Inc. (Halifax, Canada). Director and Producer - J.W. Chisholm.


Best Film in Defense of Nature Delta Oil's Dirty business, (2007) Studio Exandas (Athens, Greece) Director, screenwriter and producer Yorgos Avgeropoulos.


Best film about shipbuilders "Ship with an Atomic Heart" (2008)

Sevmashpredpriyatiya studio - Severodvinsk (Russia). Director - Alexander Kholodov, editing director - Evgeny Baranov.

The best film about children and the sea (Prize of the Publishing House "Severnaya Nedelya" - Severodvinsk) "Children's Sea" , (2008)

Children's Maritime Center "KYUM" (Veliky Novgorod) "Children of Wanderings" (Les enfants du large) - (2008) (France) Authors Olivier and Cecile de La Rochefoucauld. Special Jury Prize of the Toulon Film Festival - 2008.


"Fleet and Personality" - Cycle "Triple Portrait in the Mirror of the Century" (A Story about the Outstanding Commanders-in-Chief of the Russian and Soviet Navy)

Center-Studio of the national film "XXI century" (Moscow). General producer Sergey Linnikov.

1. "The last naval minister of the empire" (IK Grigorovich) - (2007)

2. "On Sharp Bends" (N.G. Kuznetsov) - (2008)

3. "Permanent Commander-in-Chief" (SG Gorshkov) - (2008) 23 - Audience Award

- “People, remember Izhora! (2006). St. Petersburg public organization "Polar Convoy". Directed by Alexander Sorokin.


Jury Prize "Conquerors of TERRA INCOGNITA" , Belarus, (2007).

RUE "Belarusian Video Center". Written and directed by Sergey Ageenko.


Special prize of the organizing committee of the festival "We are making a museum" (2008)

Museum of the World Ocean (Kaliningrad)


Organizing Committee Prize "People as Ships" (2009)

All-Ukrainian Association of Submarine Veterans (Kiev). Scriptwriter - Lyudmila Opanasenko, cameraman - Yuri Goludzyak, director - Nina Rudik


Best Video "Song of the Submarine" (2009)

Music and lyrics - Igor Vorontsov, performed by the author. Operators: E. Belenkov, E. Lykov, A. Shubin, A. Gapchuk. Editing - I. Usachev


Prize of the Organizing Committee "For loyalty to the sea idea" - Tatiana Badina (St. Petersburg) - simultaneous interpreter.


Diplomas to the laureates of the festival "The Sea is Calling!" - 2009:

“For loyalty to the North Star” and popularization of knowledge about the development and exploration of the Arctic ”Film“ The Worlds of Viktor Konetsky ”.

Studio "Prostor-TV", author - Victor Pravdyuk, director Galina Yasnogorskaya, producer Alexander Kuznetsov.

“For loyalty to the North Star” and popularization of knowledge about the development and exploration of the Arctic ” Film“ The Arctic. The Russian dream that did not come true ” (Arktika: The Russian Dream that Failed) - (2004).

Face to Face media ltd in collaboration with CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) (Vancouver, Canada) Written and directed by Gary Marcuse


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