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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" - 2019

Laureates of the XVI International Film Festival “The Sea Calls!" - 2019



1st place - “Petr Kozlov. The Mystery of the Lost City " (2017)

Astra-Art TV company. Screenwriters - Elena Solovtsova, Vladimir Shuvannikov,

Tatiana Borsch. Directed by Vladimir Shuvannikov. Composer - Anton Viskov.


2nd place - "The Great Northern Route" (2019)

Studio "Dialogue with the World" (Moscow). Director, author of the idea and producer - Leonid Kruglov.

Screenplay - Leonid Nikolaenko with the participation of Marina Bandilenko.


3rd place - "Dance of Life" (2019)

Moon Studio (Iran). Produced, directed and written by Peyman Zandi.

Composer - Majid Derakshani.






Winner in the category "Heroes of All Time" - "Unbroken People's Commissar" (2019)

Studio "TELEINVEST" (St. Petersburg). Producer - Sergey Pochin.

Written and directed by Innokenty Ivanov.



Best Marine Film - Mediterranee (2019)

France TV, Amda Production, Poisson-Lune Production.

Ecrit par - Arnaud Gobin et Jérôme Espla. Réalisateur - Jérôme Espla.

Musique de Stéphane Panunzi. Produit par Guillaume Blanc.



Best Submarine Film - Revolution Underwater (2018)

JSC PO Sevmash. Scriptwriter - Ekaterina Pilikina.

Director of photography - Evgeny Baranov.



Best Film about Divers and Divers - "Les plongeurs de l'ombre" (2018)

Produit par 13 PRODUCTIONS, ecrit par Jérôme Espla, réalisé par Caroline Espla



Winner in the "Memory of the Heart" nomination - Project "To the Ships of the Great Victory"

Head - Konstantin Bogdanov. Studio "Immortal Division"

"Shch-408. My place is Vayndlo ” (2016). The author and producer is Nikolay Kudryashov.

"Shch-317. The most successful submarine in the Baltic " (2019). Screenplay - Alexander Borovikov.



Best Film in Defense of Nature - "Red and Black" (2017)

LLC Studio-A. Directed by Evgeny Krivtsov. Producer - Elizaveta Ponomareva.

Script writers - Alexander Khaburgaev, Oleg Kolin. Composer - Oleg Troyanovsky.



Best Sail Film - Out of Network Range (2018)

RT Documentary. Written and directed by Natalia Kadyrova. Operator - Stas Guryanov.

Editing - Sergey Dyachkov, Alexey Nekazakov. Composer - Ksenia Prasolova.



Iron Nerves Prize (for courage during filming) -

“One on One with the Ocean” (cycle “Pacific Ocean-2014”).

Channel One Educational (SSU TV). Written and directed by Vladimir Zaitsev. Producers - Petr Karpenko, Mikhail Sivergin. Operators - Vladimir Zaitsev, Fedor Konyukhov.



The best film on a military-historical theme - “Pure Victory. Russian sky " (2015)

Krasnodar Film Studio named after N. Minervin commissioned by the TV Channel "Russia - Culture"

Director, scriptwriter - Valery Timoshchenko.



Winner in the "Sea Capital" nomination - "Petrograd 1917" (2018) - 14 episodes. TV channel "Russia - St. Petersburg". Script writers - Elena Dostovalova, Elizaveta Tereshkina. Directed by Roman Koschienko. Producer - Marina Novokreschenova. Project manager - Irina Kholmova.



Winner in the category "In the depths of history" - "Guard Kamchatka" (2019)

Studio "DokuMentalist" (Moscow). Host - Valdis Pelsh. Producers - Valdis Pelsh,

Elena Potanina. Director - Nikita Snegov. Scriptwriter - Elena Potanina.



Winner in the nomination "For fidelity to a historical theme" -  

Cycle "Battle surface fleet of the Motherland" - 4 episodes.

Wings of Russia studio (Zhukovsky) commissioned by Zvezda TV channel. Director and producer - Sergei Vikulin.



Jury Prize - "I'm talking to you from Leningrad! .." (2018) - 8 episodes

Studio "TELEINVEST" (St. Petersburg). Scriptwriter and director - Evgeny Popov.

Producer - Sergey Pochin



Jury Prize - "Land of People" (2018)

Film studio them. M. Gorky. Script, direction and editing - Dmitry Semibratov.

Composer - Rodion Lovchev. Producer - Sergey Zernov.



Audience Award - "Hope" (2019) animated film

Director, scriptwriter, producer, animator - Tatiana Churzina, Volzhsky, Volgograd region. Editing, production designer, animator - Maksimov Alexander. Composer - Nikolay Litikov.



Winner in the category "Revival of Traditions" -

De l'Atlantique à la Méditerranée, Voyage de l'Hermione 2018

Production Imagine Creations et Association Hermione La Fayette (2019)

Réalisateurs - Jean-Dominique Lamy et Valerie Toëbat



Winner in the category "Native Shores" - "Varzuga" (2019)

Center for TV and Video Art, "MBU Lovozersky CDC". Directed by Vladimir Kuznetsov.

Script writers - Vladimir Kuznetsov, Leonid Suloev, Olga Memidova.



Prize of the Maritime Council under the Government of St. Petersburg -

"Ship priests of the Russian fleet" (2018) - 70 min. 6 episodes, 9-13 minutes each.

Studio "RussDocumentFilm". Director and scriptwriter - Alexander Smirnov, editing - Stanislav Stepanov. Financial partner and producer - Andrey Suprunenko (Remedy Law Firm LLC).



"Marine Heritage" - from the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers

"From the tug to the Admiral" (2018). AB Media Group (Estonia). Director - Oleg Besedin, producer and scriptwriter - Igor Groyich, editing - Oleg Besedin, composer - Dmitry Mosendz.



Best Report - Father and Son (2019).

Studio "DES_Vidos" (St. Petersburg). Author DES_Vidos Studio (St. Petersburg) - Denis Shirokov.



The Organizing Committee Prize - "Series of reports (2018-2019) of the Gavan TV channel" (St. Petersburg).

Head - Sergei Nadein: "Fort Krasnaya Gorka", "Obukhovsky plant", "Museum of the breakthrough of the blockade", "Museum of communications. A.S. Popov "," Fortress Koporye "and others ...







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