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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2011

The winners of the International Festival of Marine and Adventure Films "The Sea Calls!"-2011 were named at the closing ceremony of this film forum in the Cultural Center "Cascade" (Peterhof)


22 creative teams from 12 countries were awarded


Laureates of the VIII International Film Festival “The Sea Calls!"- 2011


Grand Prix - (Prize of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg) - "Expedition of La Perouse" Part 2 - "Missing in action" (Portés Disparus) (2008)

Studios ATOM FRANCE 3 and THALASSA (France). Written and directed by Yves Bourgeois.


1st place - "Empire in the Heart of the South" (L'empire du milieu du Sud) (2010)

Film studio "Galatea films" and the Studio of the Ministry of Defense of France (ECPAD). Directors: Jacques Perrin and Eric Deroux, script: Eric Deroux, Jacques Perrin, Philippe Franchini, producers: Nicolas Dumont and Jacques Perrin, composer - Cyril Ofor, editing - Vincent Schmitt


2nd place - "The novel-journey of Viktor Konetsky" (2010)

TV channel "Russia - St. Petersburg". Screenplay - Viktor Lavrov, stage director - Elena Plugatyreva, cameramen: Igor Popov and Vladimir Morozov, producer - Natalya Gulyaevskaya, editor - Irina Kholmova.


3rd place - "The Magic Pan-Flute of Oleg Minakov"

Directed by Nikolai Boronin. "St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio"




Best Adventure Movie - Nona for Life (2010)

Betula Productions studio (France). Director - Philippe Fontenoy


Best Director's Work - "The Third Version of the Second World War" (2009)

Studio "Golden Ribbon" (Moscow). Director - Ekaterina Golovnya, author - Evgeniya Golovnya,


Best Literary Screenplay - "The Emperor Who Knew His Destiny" (2009)

"St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio". Director Roman Ershov, scriptwriter Boris Romanov, cameraman Evgeniy Goncharuk, composer Andrey Andersen, producer Alexey Telnov


Best Wildlife Film - East Scheldt : Discovery Underwater (2010).

Posted by Ed Snijders Cinematography - Roy Bemelmans. (Netherlands)


The best film on the polar theme - "For loyalty to the Polar Star" - "To the ice crown of the Earth" (2011)

TV channel Russia - St. Petersburg. Scriptwriter - Serafima Gavrilova, director - Natalia Tanicheva, cameraman - Igor Popov, producer - Natalya Gulyaevskaya, project manager - Irina Kholmova.


The best film about submariners - "The chief officer of the submarine" S-178 "gave the order to survive" (2011)

Balt-Test group of companies. Author - Valery Skvortsov, director Vladimir Lutsky. Producer - Andrey Baburov.


Best Sail Film - Madstreak (2010), (France-USA)

Written by Nancy Ogden.


Best Foreign Film - "Protect the Cod!" (For Cod's Sake) (2009)

Film studio Folke Rüden production (Sweden). The author, producer and director is Folke Rüden.


"Maritime Heritage" (Prize of the Central Naval Museum) - "Maritime Heritage of Russia" (2009)

Film studio "Center for National Film" (Russia, Moscow). Author and director - Nikolay Chuev, cameraman - Peter Vlaskov, general producer - Elena Evstigneeva, producer - Vladimir Buka.


"Sea Capital" (Prize of the Maritime Council of St. Petersburg) - "Nevsky Way" (2007)

Film studio "Lennauchfilm". Script writers: L. Amirkhanov, G. Vorontsova, director - Y. Fomichev, cameraman - D. Stolbov


Nerves of Steel Prize - (For Courage During Filming) - Series 330 Squadron (330 Skvadron) (2010)

Mediacircus TV (Norway). Written and directed by Ole Jacob, Andersen, editing - Sverre Galgum, producer - Eldar Nakken


Best film in defense of nature - "Dangerous Baltic" (2010)

Film studio "Center for National Film" (Russia, Moscow), a series of documentaries "MAP OF DANGEROUS DEPTHS". Scriptwriter, director, cameraman - Vladimir Marin, producer - Elena Evstigneeva


Best film about shipbuilders - "The Underwater Odyssey of Designer Kovalev" (2010)

TV channel "Russia - St. Petersburg". Project manager - Irina Kholmova.


"Memory of the Heart" (The best film in the patriotic education of youth) - "The spiritual abode of the White Sea" (2010)

Studio "Sevmashpredpriyatiya" (Severodvinsk). Director - Alexander Kholodov, director of photography - Evgeny Baranov.


Organizing Committee Prize - "For Contribution to the Development of Marine Consciousness" - "Russian Fleet to Peter I" (2010)

Studio "RusDocumentFilm" (St. Petersburg) Author of the idea - Alexander Smirnov, producer - Andrei Baburov, director - Leonid Nazarov, editor - Evgeniya Khaibekova, cameraman - Maria Smola.


Organizing Committee Prize - "For a systematic approach to popularizing military history" Cycle "Weapon of Victory" (2010)

JSC Studio Wings of Russia (Zhukovsky) commissioned by JSC TRK RF Armed Forces "Zvezda". Producer - Sergey Vikulin - "Battleships" - Scriptwriter, director and cameraman - Alexey Polyakov. - "Torpedo boats" - Scriptwriter and director - Alexander Pakhomtsev - "Submarine Katyusha" - Scriptwriter and director - Alexander Pakhomtsev


Jury Prize - "Dreams of Returns" (2010)

State TV and Radio Company "Culture". Film by Tatiana Skabard, cameramen Alexander Mazurin, Sergey Shulga. Project manager Irina Izvolova


Special Jury Prize - "The Earth sees the board" (2010)

ANO "Film Studio" Granat "by order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation -" Chronicle of the Center. M.V. Khrunichev ". Scriptwriter and director - Efim Reznikov, director-operator - Eduard Romishevsky, composer - Sergei Miklashevsky, producers: Efim Reznikov, Valery Sidashov,


Best Short Film - The Majestic Plastic Bag (2010)

Heal the Bay (San Francisco, USA). By Jeremy Conner


Audience Award - "Mafin and His Friends" (2011)

LLC "Center-Studio of the National Film" XXI Century "- Moscow. Scriptwriter and director - Aleksey Anatolyevich Malechkin, cameramen: Nikolai Bogachev with the participation of Gennady Belyaev.


Best Travel Film - "Step Into the Abyss" (2010)

Film company "Phoenix-Cinema" (St. Petersburg) Producer and cameraman - Sergei Nadein. Director-editor - Irina, music by Konstantin Aganov and Leonid Yakubuk.


Best video clip - "The way towards the sun" (2009)

Author - Olga Gubina (St. Petersburg)

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