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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2013

The 10th International Film Festival of Sea and Adventure Films "The Sea Calls!"


Laureates of the X International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" - 2013


Grand Prix - Giants of the Deep (2013)

Directed, written and produced by Ralph Kifner. Operators: Ralph Kifner and Andrea Ramalho, composer - Didi Hamann (Germany).


1st place - "Pacific Cannibals" (LES CANNIBALES DU PACIFIQUE) (2012)

VRAK company in cooperation with the Institute for Research and Development with the participation of French Television and the Planet channel. Written and directed by Richard Martin-Jordan. Operators: Christophe Bidault, Olivier Millot. Directed by Vanuatu: Eric Festa, Alexander Lasnier, Johnson Sosiara, Marie-Pierre Sosiara. Scientific consultant - Bernard Vienne. Composer - Richard Sanderson.


2nd place - "Kronstadt Waltz" (2010)

Film company "ART-EXPRESS" (Moscow) Scriptwriter and director - Alexander Slobodskoy, cameraman - Denis Smirnov, producers: Maxim Karmen, Vladimir Basov, composer - Valery Brovko.


3rd place - "Aircraft-carrying ships of the USSR Navy" (2013)

Studio "Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky) Director - Konstantin Polyakov. Producer - Sergey Vikulin.




Best Adventure Film - Impossible is Possible (2012).

Directors: A. Anisimov and S. Alexandrov.


Best Director's Work - Ray: A Life Underwater (UK) (2011).

By Amanda Blueglass.


Best Literary Screenplay - "Secret Mountain" in the Center of Siberia " (2013)

Studio ZAO (Moscow) Author and presenter - Vladimir Gubarev


Best Cinematography - Boavista, on the verge of change (2012).

Written and directed by Edward Snyders (Netherlands)


"For loyalty to the North Star" (Best film on a polar theme) - "108 hours" (2012)

"Kazakh Geographical Society" (Kazakhstan) Author - Vasily Mozzhukhin.


The best film about submariners and the submarine fleet - "Yuri Kormilitsyn's Submarine Fleet" (2012).

Studio "Sea Video Studio". Written and directed by Valentina Anokhina-Rassokho.


The best film about sails - "Around the world voyage of the barque" Sedov " (2012)

FSUE GTK TV Channel Russia. A. Sladkov's military program (Moscow). Directed by Yuri Chernov. Operators: Vitaly Duplich, Vladimir Rybakov, Leonid Losev. Producer - Tatiana Sladkova. The author and host of the program is Alexander Sladkov.


"Maritime Heritage" - "Star of the Admiral" (2007)

Manufactured by State TV and Radio Company "Region-Tyumen". Scriptwriter - Valery Povalyaev, director Lyudmila Borisova.


The best film about the war - "Defense of Sevastopol" (2012).

LLC "United Film Campaigns" by order of JSC "TV-Center". Scriptwriters: Vakhtang Mikeladze and Yuri Krause, director - Vakhtang Mikeladze, cameramen: Valery Karakuts and Alexander Mikeladze, composer - Anatoly Zubkov, producers: Ekaterina Bobrievich, Revaz Sharabidze, Igor Porshnev.


Prize of the Zvezdochka CS (Severodvinsk) "Memory of the Heart" - "Anastasia" (2008).

Studio "Elegy" (Moscow). Directed by Viktor Lisakovich. Scriptwriter and cameraman: Nikolay Sologubovsky. Producers: Levon Manasyan and Dolores Melkonyan. Composer. Evgeny Shiryaev.


Nerves of Steel Prize - (For Courage During Filming) - Nazi Sunken Sub (2012)

National Geographic Channel International (USA - Finland) Executive producer - Vincent Kralevich, director of photography - Markus Lehman (USA). Operators: Juha Finkman, Pasi Raasakka, Jani Lemuskoski, Juni Polkko, Teemi Liekka (Finland).


Best Wildlife Film - Kuru Land (2012).

Dialogue-Sakhalin LLC (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). Author, director and cameraman - Sergey Asaulenko.


Best Shipbuilding Film - Cold War Film Cycle - The War That Didn't Happen:

1. "Submarine Hunters" (2013)

2. "Cruiser of the Cold War" (2012)

3. "Space Legend" "(2012)

4. "Sea Predators" (2012)

(Prize of DCSN concern (France)

LLC "SPb TVCenter" by order of the TV channel "100TV" (St. Petersburg). Scriptwriter - Konstantin Petrov, directors: Natalya Malich, Viktor Kunashev, editor - Marina Rubtsova, producer - Lyubov Krasilnikova.


Best Diving and Diving Film - Ray: A Life Underwater (UK) (2011).

By Amanda Blueglass.


Organizing Committee Prize - "Sevmash Sea Watch" (2013)

Studio "Sevmashpredpriyatiya" (Severodvinsk) Script and text - Alexander Kholodov. Editing director - Mikhail Soberg. TV operators - Andrey Semyin, Alexey Lutskov, Ruslan Bosenko, Mikhail Soberg, Maxim Vorkunkov.


Jury Prize - "Petersburg of the artist Viktor Raspopov" (2013).

RTG TV studio (Russian Travel Guide TV). Written and directed by Svetlana Ivacheva.


Special Jury Prize - Photo exhibition "Sails of Russia" , which took place within the framework of the festival "The Sea is Calling - 2013". The authors are participants in the circumnavigation of the Sedov training barque: Vladimir Manilov (Tomsk), Vadim Shtrik (GeoPhoto - Moscow), Anatoly Vasiliev (Moscow), Alexey Vasiliev (St. Petersburg) and others.

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