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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2012

On April 26 in St. Petersburg the IX International Film Festival of Marine and Adventure Films "THE SEA CALLS!" -2012


52 documentaries from 17 countries of the world were presented to the international jury.


1st place - "The captain is always the captain" (2011) - 26 min.,

directed by Vasily Kovalevsky. St. Petersburg documentary film studio


2nd place - "Sea Magpie" (2011) - 26 min.

Scriptwriter: N. Dorofeeva, director - S. Tsikhanovich, producer - A. Smirnov. Lennauchfilm studio


3rd place - "Polar Stalker" (2011) - 52 min.

Producers: Elena Egorycheva, Andrey Makarenkov, scriptwriter - Elena Egorycheva, director - Andrey Makarenkov. Operators: Andrey Talalay, Ivan Kuzhelivsky, Andrey Makarenkov. LLC Teleputestvie (Moscow)




Best Adventure Film - The Secret of the White Fugitive (2011) - 44 min.

Directed by Vladimir Marin. Script writers: Andrey Kovylkin, Vladimir Marin. Producer - Vladimir Bazhin, cameraman - Maxim Tolstoy. The center of the national film is Moscow.


Best Director's Work (Prize named after Evgeny Parfenov "For Versatility") - "Pilot in Time" (2011) - 26 min.

Director - Alexander Kiselev Scriptwriter - Katerina Kalinkina Cameramen - Ivan Kotelnikov, Stepan Bogatyrev Sound engineer - Sergei Sinyak. St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio.


Best Literary Screenplay - "Sea Magpie"

Script writer: N. Dorofeeva. Lennauchfilm studio


The best film about divers and divers - "K-313: To the Navy!" (2012) 2 parts, 26 min.

Part one - "Divers", Part two - "Weightlessness"

Scriptwriter and director - Maxim Katushkin Cameraman - Vladimir Lushin> Editing director - Daniil Kutsevich. Underwater camera - Vladimir Lushin, Nadezhda Sabelnikova, Valery Mironov Sound engineer - Anton Movsip. Producer - Alexey Telnov. St. Petersburg documentary film studio


Best Cinematography - "Salmon Forest" (SALMON FOREST) - (2012) - 32 min.

Operators: Ralph Kifner, Andrea Ramalho and Leo Mayer. Flake Film Medienproduktion © 2012 Ralf Kiefner (Germany - Brazil)


“For loyalty to the Polar Star” (Best film on a polar theme) “To the shores of the Russian Arctic” (2011) - 34 min.

Director: A. Dolinina, script - Marina Menshikova, operators: A. Sedykh, M. Dolinin, editing - P. Menshikov. Media Center "Arctic Bridge" Lomonosov (Arkhangelsk)


The best film about submariners - “Missing in action” (2011) - 12 min.

Written and directed by Vladislav Matsegoro. Studio "Marat-video" (St. Petersburg)


Best sail film - Rescue Boat Stavanger`s Final Voyage (2010) - 39 min.

Written, directed and written by Edvard Hambro, produced by Oddbjoern Rosnes, composers: Geir Bøhren & Bent Åserud. Norwegian Radio & TV Corporations


Best Foreign Film - Stealing from the Poor (2011) - 55 min.

Scriptwriter and director - Yorgos Avgeropoulos, producer - Giorgi Anagnu, director of photography - Yannis Avgeropoulos, executive producer - Anastasia Skubri, composer - Yannis Paxevanis, editing - Anna Proku and Yannis Biliris. - Studio "Small Planet" (Greece)


Marine Heritage (Prize of Zvezdochka Center JSC) - Haven, 20 Years Later (LE HAVEN: 20 ANS APRES) - 8 min.

Author - Jérôme Espla (France)


"Memory of the Heart" - "Son for Father" (2011) - 39 min.

Director - Alexey Burykin - Producer - Sergei Linnikov. LLC "Center-Studio of the National Film" XXI Century ".


Nerves of Steel Prize (For Courage During Filming) - To Vladimir Chukov's Team (The Polar Stalker Film)


Best Film in Defense of Nature - "The Secret of the White Runaway" (2011) - 44 min.

Directed by Vladimir Marin. Script writers: Andrey Kovylkin, Vladimir Marin. Producer - Vladimir Bazhin, cameraman - Maxim Tolstoy. National Film Center (Moscow).


The best film about shipbuilders - (Prize of DCSN concern (France) Cycle of films about the Cold War - "The war that never happened": "Floating over the waves" (2011) - 26 min.

Scriptwriter - Konstantin Petrov, directors: Sergei Arkanshchikov and Viktor Kunashev, stage director - Igor Laishev, producer - Pavel Zubenko, executive producer Lyubov Krasilnikova, editor Marina Rubtsova. LLC "SPb_TVCenter" by order of the TV channel "100TV" (St. Petersburg).


Organizing Committee Prize - "Hurricanes" for Murmansk " (HURRICANESTOMURMANSK) (2011) - 49 min.

Director, editing - Roy Perkins, producer, lyricist - Vivienne Pottersman, co-producer - Elena Rubinova, cameraman Zvavek Zhukovski. ATOLL PRODUCTIONS (UK)


Jury Prize - "Interrupted Flight of Ferrets" (2011) - 39 min.

Written and directed by Alexander Slavin, cameramen: Alexey Polyakov, Sergey Vikulin, Alexey Romanov. Producer - Sergey Vikulin. - Studio "Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky) commissioned by the TV and Radio Company of the RF Armed Forces "Star"


Best short film - a series of ecological and educational films by the children's studio "Giraffe" (St. Petersburg)

Head - Olga Shulgina. "Pearl Story", "Garbage Came", "Mermaid", "Hogweed".


Audience Award - Dmitry Donskoy (2012) - 12 min.

Directed by Evgeny Baranov. Script writers: Alexander Kholodov and Anastasia Nikitinskaya. Studio SMP (Severodvinsk)


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