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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2016

Laureates of the XIII International Film Festival “The Sea Calls!" - 2016



1st place - "Rise of the whales - the true story of Moby Dick" (Moby Dick - Der AUFSTAND DER WALE) (2015).

Written and directed by Jürgen Stumpfhaus (Germany)


2nd place - "Rebels from La Courtine" (2014)

France TV Leitmotiv Production.

Written and directed by Pierre Goetchel (France).


3rd place - "Pure Victory" series - "Battle for the Celestial Empire" (2015) .

Scriptwriter and director - Valery Timoshchenko, cameramen: Valery and Andrey Timoshchenko, Stas Stavinov, producer - Alexander Gundorov, producer of the Kultura channel - V. Troyanovsky





4. "History Lessons" (Best Historical Film) - "Bloody Sakura Leaves" (2015).

TC "Zvezda". Director - Vakhtang Mikeladze, screenwriter - Yuri Krause, editing - Dmitry Negruk.


5. "Best Adventure Film" - "On the Emelyakh" to the Pole "(2012).

Russian Center for Arctic Research. Producer - Vasily Elagin, director - Afanasy Makovnev, director - editing Alexey Vakhrushev, cameramen: Afanasy Makovnev, Alexey Shkrabkin, composers: Alexander Gusev, Alexander Schubert, sound engineer: Maria Ushenina, authors of the text: Olga Olgina, Valentina Yusova ...


6. "Best film about the underwater world" - Project "Ocean of Life" (Un Océan de Vie)

Written and directed by René Heuzey (France)


7. "The best film about submariners and the submarine fleet" - Documentary project "Submarine War". D-2, S-9, Sch-212, Sch-216 ...

ZVEZDA TV and Radio Broadcasting Company OJSC Producer - Saida Medvedeva. Stage directors: - Mikhail Voronezhtsev, Alexandra Marchenko, scriptwriters: Tatiana Salomalina, Larisa Sitnikova, Daria Safina ...


8. "The best film about divers and divers" - "History of diving business" (2016) 4 films.

"Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky). Written and directed by Konstantin Davydkin. Producer - Sergey Vikulin.


9. "Native shores" - "Expedition to the ends of the earth" (2015)

"Far Eastern Film Studio" Director - Albert Samoilov.


10. "Memory of the Heart" - "Above the Dubrava the month is bright" (2013)

Studio "River Lena" (Moscow). Scriptwriter and director - Larisa Pichugina, cameramen: Vladimir Gushchin, Dmitry Prudnikov, Pavel Prikhodko, Nikolai Rogachev, editing directors: Arkady Muratov, Kirill Piskarev, composers: Alexei Rostov, Ilya Brylin, producer - Elena Kolesnikova.


11. "Best Film in Defense of Nature" - "Save the World's Largest Fish!" (Il Faut Sauver le Plus Grand Poisson du Monde) (2016).

Studio "Le Cinquieme Reve" with the participation of France 3 Thalassa (France). Written and directed by Thierry Robert in collaboration with René Heuzey, produced by Nicolas Zunino


12. "Russian character" - "Countryman" (2015)

"East Siberian Studio" (Irkutsk). Director, screenwriter and editing - Anastasia Zverkova, producer - Amgalan Bazarkhandayev, cameraman - Dmitry Slobodchikov.


13. "Iron nerves" (For the courage shown during the filming) - "Water under the mountain" (l'Eau Sous la Montagne) (2016)

France 3 - Marseille (France). Author - Jerome Espla.


14. “Ecology. Laws of Nature " - Series" Cold "(2015) - 4 films.

Host and director - Evgeny Krivtsov, Scriptwriters: Oleg Kolin and Larisa Sergeeva, cameramen: Evgeny Krivtsov and Sergey Sirbu, general producer - Larisa Krivtsova.


15. Prize of the Organizing Committee "Sea Capital" - "GESLO. "Gone" expedition "(2015)

SevZapKino. Script writers: Vladimir Nepevny, Anatoly Nikiforov, director - Vladimir Nepevny, cameraman - Alexander Filippov, composer - Daniil Nepevny, producer - Viktor Skubey.


16. Jury Prize - "Titanic Love" (2012) .

Written, directed and produced by Mark Pressdee (UK), starring Alex Edwardson, Susannah Felicty Wells, Loxley Loga, Ryan Mcken, composer - Mark Lynall


17. Special Jury Prize - "Refusal" (2014).

Author - Dominik Urban (Czech Republic)


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