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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2010

On April 24, the competitive screening of the International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" - 2010


Despite the fact that the jury was significantly weakened (the Icelandic volcano did not allow two foreign jury members and one compatriot to arrive) the verdict was pronounced strictly at the appointed time - at 14.00.


Places and prizes were distributed as follows.


Grand Prix - (Prize of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg). "Intrepid. Underwater warfare of Peter Grishchenko " (2010)

Rodina Film Company (Moscow) - Director General Irina Misanova, author - Sergey Barabanov, director - Alexander Ladnov


1st place - "NYARMA" (2009)

St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio Scriptwriter and director - Edgar Bartenev, cameraman - Alexander Filippov


2nd place - "Life for Sale" (2009)

Small planet studio (Athens, Greece) Written and directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos, produced by Anastasia Skubri. Director of photography - Yiannis Avgeropoulos, composer - Yiannis Paksevanis




Best Marine Film - The Real McCoy

Director, producer and screenwriter - Bailey Pryor.


Best Director's Work - "NYARMA" (2009)

St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Scriptwriter and director - Edgar Bartenev, cameraman - Alexander Filippov, producer - Alexey Telnov


Best Literary Screenplay - Captain Club Magazine Prize ECCE HOMO Travel Film (2009)

St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Director and scriptwriter - Anton Alekseev, cameramen - Alexander Vatalev, Alexander Filippov, editing - Yaroslav Kozemerchak, composer - Vladislav Panchenko, film director - Natalia Rodomanova, producer - Alexey Telnov


Best Wildlife Film - South Georgia Island, A Southern Ocean Paradise

Composer and performer - Hunter Johnson, photographer - JJ Yoreo, camera and editor - Corina Gamma. Producers: JJ L'Heureux, Corina Gamma, Hunter Johnson.


The best film on a polar theme - "For loyalty to the Polar Star" (Prize of the Arctic and Antarctic Institute - St. Petersburg) "Captain Kuchin" (2006)

STRC "Pomorie" (Arkhangelsk) Author and director - Alexey Ugarov


The best film about submariners - "K-324" III World "Black Prince" (2006)

Studio KINODOM commissioned by STK TV Channel "Russia" Script - Natalia Marievskaya, directors: Artem Mikhalkov and Normund Latsis, cameraman - Yuri Ermolin, producer - Artem Mikhalkov.


The best film about sails - "School of Peace". A travel diary " (2009)

SDF Production "by order of the State Medical Academy named after S.O. Makarova. Director, scriptwriter and cameraman - Avrunin Naum Gerasimovich, composer - Rezetdinov Leonid Fiatovich, producer - Shevelkov Vladimir Alekseevich


Best Foreign Film - Prize of OJSC "Marine Navigation Systems" "Duell in den wolken" (2009)

Studio TANGZAM-ZDF and Association "Marseille-St Ex" in collaboration with the administration of Marseille Author - Luc Vanrell (France)


"Maritime Heritage" (Prize of the Central Naval Museum) "Ermak. Hero of the Russian Navy " (2009)

State TV and Radio Company "Saint Petersburg" Authors: Irina Kholmova, Olga Radvilovich, Alexander Shcherbanosov and Stepan Beketov.


"Sea Capital" (Prize of the Maritime Council of St. Petersburg) "Blockade" (2005)

JSC TPO St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio Director and editing - Sergey Loznitsa, working with archives - Sergey Gelver, sound engineer - Vladimir Golovnitsky, editor - Zhanna Romanova, producer - Vyacheslav Telnov


Nerves of Steel Prize - For the courage shown during filming (Prize from the ALLMET group of companies) Series: Adventures in the Wild .

Authors: Isabelle and Jean-François Lagro (Belzhanier, France)) "Fossa - Madagascar marsupial wolf" (2007) "In the footsteps of the Arabian leopard" (2006) "In the company of Brazilian giant otters and the blue Macaw" (2008) "In Guyana Tapir and Ibis Company "(2007)" Hyenas - Lords of the Savannah "(2005)


Best Nature Film - Life for Sale (2009)

Small planet studio (Athens, Greece) Written and directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos, produced by Anastasia Skubri. Director of photography - Yiannis Avgeropoulos, composer - Yiannis Paksevanis


Best film about shipbuilders - "Ocean Shield of the Fatherland" (2009)

Sevmashpredpriyatiya studio (Severodvinsk) Director - Alexander Kholodov, director of photography - Evgeny Baranov. To the 70th anniversary of the renowned enterprise - the cradle of the Russian nuclear submarine fleet.


" Memory of the Heart" (Best Film in Youth Education) - Prize of the University of Water Communications "Evdokim and Evdokia" (2009)

Report by Maria Egorova, A. Kapshuk, A. Tolkachev Ukrainian Search Fund "Memory"


Organizing Committee Prize (For contribution to the development of marine consciousness) - "Road to the Sea" (Young sailors' Club - St. Petersburg)

Written and directed by Sergey Nadein


Among the non-competitive films, the work of the Lower Volga Documentary Film Studio (Saratov) “Vladislav Mikosha. Stopping time ”Directors: Evgeny Tsymbal and winner of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR, People's Artist of the USSR, Gemma Firsova. The film was made for the 100th anniversary of the legendary documentary cinematographer, director and photojournalist Vladislav Mikosha.


By all accounts, including members of the jury, if he were among the competitive films, hardly anyone could compete with him. The image of a talented cameraman who captured the destruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the epic of the Chelyusinites, who amazed even the marines with their courage in fierce attacks near Sevastopol and Odessa, has long become a textbook for admirers of the most massive of the arts.


“... He has every frame filled with his breath and the breath of time, and this combination creates a stunning impression ... He gave us back our story: no need to read all kinds of historians and argue what happened and how, - look Mikosha, he has everything, how it was in reality ... Did he himself understand what significance his films would later have? It seems that he understood very well, otherwise there would have been just a protocol, but in Mikoshi everything shimmers with nuances, overtones, ambiguity ... "And this is the essence of documentary filmmaking ...


And the festival continues in the city of shipbuilders - Severodvinsk. From 4 to 6 May, the best films of the festival dedicated to the Great Victory will be shown there ...

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