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International Film Festival "The Sea Calls!" 2014

Laureates of the XI International Film Festival “The Sea Calls!" -2014


1st place - "Ceiling" (2011)

Written and directed by Natalia Uglitskikh (Moscow).


2nd place - "Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yuri Lisyansky" (2013)

Author and presenter - Leonid Kruglov


3rd place - "The Amazing World of Crustaceans" (Le Monde Merveilleux Des Crustaces) (2013)

Written and directed by Manuel Lefebvre (France)




Best Adventure Film - Les crocodiles oranges du Gabon (2013)

By: Richard Oslisly and Olivier Testa. Camera: Elodie Fertil et Jean-Paul Llamazares (France).


Best author's work - “Afghanistan. I REMEMBER " (2013)

Studio "Letopis" - "Belarus Film" Author and director - Halima Khasanova (Belarus).

Best Underwater Film - Maurice et Rodrigues (2013)

By: René Heuzey & Marianne Cramer. Label Bleu Production (France)


The best film on a patriotic theme (Prize of JSC Admiralty Shipyards) "872 Days of Leningrad" (2014) - 8 episodes.

Studio "Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky). Producer - Sergey Vikulin. Directors: A.Teryoshin, K.Polyakov, G. Ratushev, A.Polyakov, V.Kalinin


Best Submarine / Submarine Film - "The Lost Submarine U-455" (U455 - Sous-Marine Disparu) (2013)

Directed by Stéphane Bégoin Studio ZED \ ARTE (France)


Best film about sails - "Standard", the truth about sea romance " (2014)

Written and directed by Alexander Znaharchuk, script - Alexander Znaharchuk and Kristina Kremko (Belarus).


"For loyalty to maritime traditions" (Prize of the National Glory Foundation) - "Temple of Glory and Sorrow" (2012)

Film company "Rodina" (Moscow). Director - Alexander Ladnov, screenwriter - Sergei Barabanov, cameraman - Valentin Khalturin, producer - Irina Misanova.


"Memory of the Heart" - "Leningradka. Cruel heyday " (2013)

Part 2 from the trilogy about the life of Olga Berggolts. Director - Lyudmila Evgenievna Shakht. Lennauchfilm studio


Nerves of Steel Prize - (For Courage During Filming) - BABOUCHKA L'ENFER DU POLE (2014)

By Tierry Robert. Studio "LE CINQUIEME REVE" (France)


Best Nature Film - Jungle a l'Eau Douce (2012)



The best film about shipbuilders - Prize of DCNS concern (France) - Sevmashpredpriyatiya studio (Severodvinsk)

Scriptwriter - Alexander Kholodov. Director - cameraman - Evgeny Baranov. Director - Mikhail Soberg Series of 2013 films: "The first nuclear missiles", "Vikramaditya - a symbol of Russian-Indian friendship", etc.


Best Film about Divers and Divers - "The Sunken Ship's Dream" (Le sommeil des épaves) (2013)

By Jerome Espla (France).


Organizing Committee Prize - "Vladivostok, on demand" (2013)

Studio "Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky). Producer - Sergey Vikulin. Written and directed by Natalya Verba.


Jury Prize - “Guardian Angels of the Limited Contingent” (2013).

Studio "Wings of Russia" (Zhukovsky). Producer - Sergey Vikulin. Director - M. Khlyustov


Audience Choice Award - The main character of short films - "Fukushima", "Night Flight of Mantas" and "Swimming with Sperm Whales" - Yukimi Yamamoto (France - Japan)


Organizing Committee Prize - "For the popularization of maritime affairs among young people" "Nikolay Varukhin and his children" (2011)

Film company "Studiol" (Veliky Novgorod)


"Native Shores" - "Island by the Black River" (2012)

Written and directed by Sergei Asaulenko.

Prize of Gazpromneft Marine Bunker LLC - Home Towns social investment program.

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